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Maharana Pratap Haldighati Chetak weapon

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Maharana Pratap weapons Haldighati Chetak

Maharana Pratap
The Rajasthan is really famous for there  bravery.In The Rajasthan history you will find many Hercules like is  Maharana Pratap.This is great freedom fighter every buddy know about this man.His name is in top list of the immortalized in Indian Great man's history for determination and valor restorative.He was dynasty great Suryavanshi  Shishodia  king of  Udaipur Mewar.Mewad is known for there pride and bravery.Maharana Pratap was born  May 9, 1540 in Kumblgarh. fort.Kumblad fort located near by Parsuram Mahadev temple on Arawali hills in Rajsamand district .His childhood name is KIKA and his mother name is Jewanta Bai. Jewanta bai is daughter of  Sonagra Akara and father's name is Udai Singh.Udai Singh is the founder of Udaipur. Maharan Pratap not accept Mughal king Akbar's suzerainty on this causes the Maharan Pratap and Akbar's solder fight in Haldighati.On That time Akbar also felt that Maharan Pratap is really brave man and hes also pride of  Rajasthan.For any question Send us sms in Hindi or English

History of Maharan Pratap

Birth day May 9, 1540
Father Name Udai Singh (Udaipur)
Mother Name Jewanta bai (Pali)
Bith place Kumblgad Fort Rajsamand
Horse Chetak
Famous for Battle of Haldighati

Maharana Pratap and His Weapons

Maharana Pratap was really very powerful man,He was always in early morning joking with shifting 2 man's on there solder on wall of Kumbhalgad Fort..His weapons also very heavy.Now this time generally man really easily not to able handle there weapons. He was always use 2 swords and one sword wight is  25 kg. one for himself  and another for safe.he was always used  100 kg  spear.He used to wear heavy 5 kg shoe each foots.His Maharana cap (Mukut) wight is 10 kg.

Battle of Haldighati

Haldi Ghati
The live view of this battle described by Abdul Qadir Bdaunin . Every one about Battle of Haldighati in India.In 1576 Mughal emperor Akbar is very power full king of in India.He was include one by one all Indian emperor in own emperor .Accept few emperor all kings was easily accepted there Subordination but Maharana Pratap was not agree to accept Mughal emperor Akbar's Subordination.Due to ignore Subordination of Mughal emperor Akbar's he send with Mughal commander Mansingh there power full 80,000 solder for attack on  Maharana Pratap's 20,000  solder. On June 21, 1576  the Maharan Pratap and Mughal emperor Akbar armies met at battle field  Haldighati.Its fight start to end only one day but 17,000 people died.on one day all battle field changed into Red color by solders blood.Maharana Pratap's lovely Horse Chetak also killed in this war.After this war he is not accept The Mughal emperor Akbar also feel that Maharan Pratap is real hero and he is pride of Rajasthan.

Chetak Maharana Pratap Horse

Chetak is Maharana Pratap lovely and favorate horse. He was 10 feet tall horse.He love him like as son. Both  chetak and Maharana Prataa are most famous in Rajasthan's folk culture both never die they are always with us by their bravery.On Haldighati battle chetak chetak was very injured his one leg many cuts from sword but r rescue for  Maharana Prataap he was jumped 22 feet.

How to Reach Haldighati Kumbhalgarh Fort

Haldighati and Kumbhalgad fort is located in Rajsamnd District of Rajsthan. You can reach here using private taxi,Roadways bus services and private bus services.
Nearest big city is Jodhpur.Stat Rajasthan India

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