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Om Banna Chotila Pali Temple Bike motorcycle

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Om Banna Dham Chotila Pali Bullet Baba

Om Banna  Dham  Pali Chotila History How to reach Om banna Dham pali or,bullet baba Om Banna Ji Where worship a motorcycle, Here is a fact any people who pray here for there desire problem for solve its done in few Day by Om Banna.Me also visit here with my friends Jai Ho Om Banna...
om banna video picture

hipped a Person with  Motorcycle .Variations filled India country worshiped gods, humans, animals, birds and trees  its so common but i am share with you a special and also holy place there is worshiped a person with with his Bullet Motorcycle who die in accident with his Bullet Motorcycle.People ask there prayer to God Om Banna also ask to his Bullet motorcycle.
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Where is Om Banna Dham Chotila

Om Banna Dham is located Jodhpur to Pali national highway shift while going to shift approximately 20 km before Rohit police station "accident prone" area of ​​the board looks more than a few steps away the side of the road in the woods about 30 to 40 offerings and prayers goods lined with shops visible as well as mirrored crowd, surrounded by a terrace on which a large photo engaged, and constantly holy burning flame  and pops to see a single full of fresh flower  bullet motorcycle.
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Bullet Baba Om Banna History

om banna motercycle video photo picture

Om Banna real name is Om singh Rathore, He was from a Royal Rathore family Chottila pali Rajsthan state .He was born in Chotila village of Pali. He was a son of Thakur Jog Singh village leader of Chottila village.He is  very famous in Rajpoot community and also all community of Rajasthan for there Paracha ( A magic solve peoples problem in few minutes  or day given by Om Banna Ji)
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About Om Banna Dham

Om Banna Dham chotila Rohit Pali district is opened every time 24 hour in every season with holy burning flame called Jyote.There are many shopes full of worship things.There are above 50 small and big shops near by Om Bnna Ji Dham Chottila on National highway Jodhpur to Pali Ahmadabad its also opened every season in 24 hour because any time many devotes  visit here .

History Bullet motorcycle of Om Banna

om banna motercycle video picture

Om Singh Rathore Om Banna Dham Chotila Pali Bullet Baba was have a 350 cc Bullet Motorcycle. In about 1991 Om Banna was going on there motorcycle but  his motorcycle was accident and he was die on spot. After Accident police took seized there Motorcycle in police station for Police formality.But at night motorcycle was automatically start and he was going on accident spot. All police man shocked to this magic,for stop the Bike  they were full emptied the motorcycle fuel tank.but next morning they was found bike on accidental place.
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Now Om Banna Dham Chottila Pali

After Magic of Om Banna and his motorcycle now its famous holy palace in Marawad Area.Its all time open for there devotes.By magic of Om Banna Now here road accident very decreased.Its known as Om Banna Dham or Bullet Baba Dham.

How to Reach om Banna Dham

Bullet Baba Dham chotila is very near to Jodhpur you can any time time visit here.
Raodways  Jodhpur to Pali
Jai Ho Om Banna Dham

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Amber Fort Jaipur Amer Rajasthan

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Amer Fort Jaipur

Amer fort jaipur rajasthan photo
Amer Fort is also known as Amber fort.This is Inducing in seven wonder of india.Its located at Jaipur city border. in Arawali hills range.Its divided in four courtyard.The Amer town is oldest cities of Rajasthan Its founder was Meena Raja Aalan singh in 1037A.D.Amer is famous for there attractive fort this fort build by Raja Mansingh with Sawai Jaisingh addition.This is build by Red Marble and sandstone.Many fort and harritages condition is not well but its condition really well.Its Rajput style construction with many different work of mirror stones and carve.Its also first choice of Bollywood for film and song shooting .

Amer Fort Architecture

Amer fort jaipur rajasthan picture

This is great example of Rajsthan Rajput construction .Fot's main gate name Ganesh pol for entrance.Ganesh is higher symbol of this beauty. on the here walls were built  Artistic pictures they are very beautiful for gorgeousness of wall picture Mughal emperor going to very anger and he order to paint on wall picture with plaster because he jealous to this  but now plaster is falling and wall picture showing tht very attractive..

Sheesh Mahal Mirror Palace

Amer fort jaipur rajasthan picture

Mirror Palace also very attractive palace and its also unique for this amassing style mirror work.Its biggest tourist point for visitor.Mirror Palace have fully work with mirror.The Sheesh Mahal is the forty poles Palace.Here if we Burning one match where who comes to enlighten Deepavli means high lighting by Burning one match.

Palace of Man Singh

This is oldest and also beautiful part of  Amer Fort .Its completed in 25 year 1589 to 1664.Its founder was Raja Mansingh.


There is a beautiful Garden its located beetwin the Sukh niwas and Jai Mandir(Temple)Its founder was Mirza Raja Jai singh in 1623 to 1668. Its have different design Hexagonal shape.

Triplia Gate

Amer fort jaipur rajasthan photo

Many Rajasthan cities have Tripolia Gate it means of gate three gate.Its located in west side of place.Its also a nice gate

Lion gate

On that time its a high secure gate.Lion gate  indicate of strength.This is a zigzag way.Its build in 1699 to 1743 AD and its founder was Sawai Jai Singh.This all fort have defferent style architracture ,harritage,palaces and many garden and temple.There is all things are so aatractive . This is one of the most popular tourism place of Rajasthan and also in India.If you will visit here you will fully enjoy this great Rajput Architecture of Rajasthan.

How to Reach Amer Fort Jaipur Rajasthan

Jaipur is capital and biggest city of Rajasthan so here you can visit using any way.Here daily services from big city of India of Railways,Airways and Raodways.You can reach here using any private drive like as taxi from any city.Distance from Jaipur Rajasthan
Delh262 km 4 hour 10 minutes
Agra        232 km 3 hour 30 minutes
Jodhpur     331 km 6 hour
Ahmadabad   658 km 9 hour 7 minutes
Mumbai      1067km 15 hour 50 minutes
Bangalore   21135km 29 hour
Udaipur     409km 5 hour 36 minutes
Chittodgarh 304km 4 hour
Best Time to visit Amer Fort Rajasthan

Best time to visit Amer fort Jaipur

For more detail you can give Sms in Hindi and English or any.
You can visit any time but October to March is best time for visit here.Now climate is suitable.
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Hotels in osian jodhpur Rajasthan

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Hotels in Osian Jodhpur Rajasthan

Hotels in osian jodhpur Rajasthan image,picture photo wallpaper

Osian is small village but here is many types Hotels,motels and restaurants like as Hotels in desert area,camel and jeep safari hotels and near by Sachiyay Mataji Temple,Hotels near by 5 km to osian or osiaya,Heritage hotels,royal hotel,low budget hotels and restaurants and many more where you will stay here.

Osiya (osain) type of Hotels

According to there location and facility we will divide here hotels,motels and restaurants  in many type.Some are high rate but there faculty and hospitality is really unforgettable  and some give low facility but its suitable with your budget because its low rates hotels. Some are located at Sand dunes and some are located at other location so there location are also most attraction here.some are provide real touch of Rajasthan which is Rajasthan folk dance,music camel safari,jeep safari and many more.

Hotels in dunes of desert Osian Jodhpur

Hotels in osian jodhpur Rajasthan image,picture photo wallpaperSand dunes of desert Osian Jodhpur is most attractive attraction of this area and also its tourism focal point.Per months many thousand visitor enjoy this Sand dunes of osian. Its located also in  south edge of osian (osiaya) village and its fully apears from Osian sachiyaya MataJi temple.There are many Sand dunes which is different height and there are many famous hotels.All the hotels give you variation of Rajasthan Tourism. Here you can feel the culture of Rajasthan and real touch of rajasthan folk culture. They will provide you  Jeep Safari, camel safari,camps and huts,Rajasthan folk music which is arranged by Langa Party and Kalbelia Dance whic you never forgot.

Camel and Jeep safari in Osian Jodhpur Rajasthan

Camel and Heep safari is also main attraction for adventure of real desert.Here are many high
Sand dunes when you will enjoy here open jeep safari really you will feel high level of adventure.You enjoy here Camel safari with
Jeep  and camel safari osian jodhpur Rajasthan image,picture,wallpeper,photobeautiful camels.Its all will providing you related hotels owner.There attraction are selective so you can select with yourself.
Camps and Huts in Desert of osian Rajasthan
Camps and huts on sand dunes are most attraction for foreigners and visitor.Its providing by hotel owner.Its a small   size taints or hut with full facilities.They will provide you one bed,toilet,fans or cooler and you can choose air conditioner also.In camps and huts you can feel and enjoy awesome feeling of sunset point,desert cool night and fresh morning with golden sunlight its really unforgettable.

Shree Sachiyay international  guest House

Its also a big guest house build for devotees who came in Sachiyay Mataji temple and Jain temple,These temples are world famous here you can also stay, but they don;t give any facility accept its only for stay and its not for any extra specialty for tourism but its low rate guest house.

Restaurants in Osian,Jodhpur Rajasthan

Here you can also choose restaurants for stay.There are many restaurants Osian,its also suitable and feet with your budget if you wanna not spent more money for stay you can select any these option in yourself.
For more information about osian Sachiyay temple and Jain temple and all about of Osian please click HERE.

If you wanna Facebook Tips and tricks you can visit our blog also.
Note :-
You can send your Hotels, Motels and
restaurants information article we will public here Contact us
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Rajasthan desert Tourism India

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Desert in Rajasthan India


rajasthan desert image
India is really very big country there are all seasons and also all geographical area.I share with you a famous desert part of India. Indian desert area known as Thar It is first and best tourism place of India.Here December to February Rajasthan tourism organize many fair and festival for visitors all fair and festivals are unique in the word and also very attractive Like as Marawad Mahotsav,Maru Mahotsva,Desert festival,Sum fair miss Moomal computation and many more.

Desert in India

Most of it is located in the Rajasthan state but its also found in  Hariyana,Panjab and small size in Gujarat.Its located in India's North-Western area with India - Pakistan Border.Its top in Indian tourism in last 3 years.Visitor feel better like as home town here.

Desert In Rajasthan

desert in rajasthan image photo
Most and big part of Thar Desert is located in Rajasthan west north side which district are Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner,Jodhpur Its all included area known as Marwad.Jodhpur is entrance gate of Thar deset or Marwad of Rajasthan.Baramer and Jaisalmer all area are covered by Desert and Jodhpur and Bikaner's some area is covered.This are famous for there bravery,cultures,great king,Many Palaces,Fort,attractive heritages,there different style climate,Insects like as Scorpio,Snake winch is famous  snake Kobra.Its home of Black buck and ghajels Here ever rain and ever its Hot and high temperature area.In summer its temperature reached at above 50 c and in cold days its temperature increased about 0 c in nights.Here's people's main occupation is Animals which is camel,goat,sheep,cow.Camel is main animal which part of people's.

Culture of Thar Desert of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Thar culture is very attractive in India
Here's culture is very friendly and also very attractive.People wearing so simple and traditional dresses on top turban and loose shirt called chola and Loose Dhooti.and girls are wearing full mirror work top and ghaghra and on top Lahariya like as Shadi.Here's population are Hindu.
Festival of Rajasthan.God Lok Deveta is very famous in this area.Baba Ramdeo fair is biggest fair of Thar.

How to Reach Desert in Rajasthan India

desert in rajasthan  culture image

If you wanna visit India's best tourism place than Rajasthan Desert is best for you.Here's friendly culture and attractive land is very beautiful.Its mostely spread in four District of Rajsthan state which is Jaisalmer,Jodhpur,Barmer and Bikaner .
How to Reach Delhi To Jaisalmer
Here you can reach by Airway,raodways,Private taxi and by Train
Delhi to Jaisalmer daily train service Intercity express
Jaisalmer nearrest railway station Jaisalmer railway station
Bus station jaislmer bus station
Airport Jaisalmer airport
Delhi to Jodhpur
Delhi to Jodhpur Daily Tran,Bus,and Airways services
Nearest Jodhpur Railways station
Jodhpur Railway station,Raika Bag railways station.
Nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport
If You wanna visit Barmer you use any way from jaisalmer and Jodhpur

Best of Visit Desert of Rajasthan

Here best visiting time is October to March is very fair.
In This time Rajasthan Government organized many desert fair and Festival.
Now here's climate is suitable.
For more detail of local culture and weather send us SMS In Hindi or any Language.

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Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan

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Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu is located on Aravali hills mount abu Sirohi district.In the Rajasthan state, Here you will found many temples and here's Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu are very famous in the India. Rajasthan is a devotional state here are many famous temples of Hindus and Jain's both. Here had special architecture work,curve work with gorgeous look which nothing else. In the Rajasthan state above hundred famous. Mostely its located in Pali,Sirohi,Jaisalmer,Jalore and Jodhpur district.Its a devootees brief point and its also a focal point of Rajasthan tourism India.All are spread in all state area like desert and Aravli hils. Here most famous  are Dilwara in Mount abu Sirohi,Osian in Jodhpur,and Ranakpur's Jain temples Pali district.Some are build using whight marble and some are by local stones. Here some are very old like 1400 year old which is Osian famous Jain temples.

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan image

About Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu

In the Dilwara is a group of five famous Jain temples and its famous pilgrimage place of the Jains. Its located on oldest mountains of India Aravali hills Mount Abu in Sirohi district. Its real location is in top direction above tow kilometer from Mount Abu hills station. Its 11th and 13th centuries temples and its founded by Chalukya. Here are many temples. It is pure wight marble temple.Here's pillars, panels doorways,carved and ceilings is a great example of marvelous.Here man made great and beautiful  stone architecture you will never forgot.

Five Unique Jain Temples of Dilwara Abu

Here is not one there are beautifully with unique identity five temples here. All the names taken from village location.
Devoted to the first Tirthankara, Adinath. Vimal Vasahi,
Devoted to the 22nd  Tirthankara, Neminatha.Luna Vasahi,
Devoted to the first  Tirthankar, Rishabha Pithalhar,
Devoted to the 23rd Tirthankara, Parshva.Parshvanath,
DEvoted to the last  Tirthankara, Mahavira.Mahavir Swami,
Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi is high famous in each five them

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan image

Vimal Vasahi Jain temple

Its gorgeous wight marble temple is founded by Vimal Shah, Its build in 1031 A.D.Its devoted to the first Jain Tirthankara, Lord Adinath. Vimal Vasahi, Here you will found awesome curve stone work..Here is supported by 12 decorated pillars grand hall is called Rang Manda.Here's full decorated elephant lines are really very attractive.Here's all parts are fully carved.

Luna Vasahi Jain Temples

Its also beautiful,Its devoted to the 22nd  Tirthankara, Lord Neminatha.Luna Vasahi, Its also a  magnificent in this group.Its founded by two Porwad brothers.they are minister. Its build in  in 1230 AD. Here you will found nine ceilings all are magnificent.

Pithalhar Jain Temple

Its also a beautiful and its a tourism point for visitor aand  Jain devotees focal pint. Its devoted to the first  Tirthankar, Lord Rishabha. Its build by Bhama Shah kavdia.Here is a Jain Tirthankara Rishabha Dev Adinath's massive metal statue.
Its also a grgeous temple. its Devoted to the 23rd Jain Tirthankara, Parshva. Lord Parshvanath, Its founded in 1458 to 1459 AD by Mandlik and his family.

Mahavir Swami Jain Temples

This was build in 1582 AD. Its dedicated to Lord Mahavira its a small temple but its had many attractive curve work on stones. Here is wall painting also its founded by a artist of Sirohi district.

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan image

How To Reach Dilwada Jain Temple Mount Abu

Its located above 2 Km from Mount Abu hill station. Here you can visit every time. Its famous hills tourism int of Rajasthan state and Gujarat state both.The mount Abu is only one famous hill station of Rajasthan. Ist fully connect to Roadways. Its nearest railway station is Abu road. from Abu road to Mount Abu there are many govt and private bus services also. You can visit here using private car Distance from Mount Abu
  • Ahmadabad 222 Km 4 Hour 55 minutes
  • Delhi  740 Km 9 Hoour 40 Minutes
  • Jodhpur  270 Km 4 Hour 35 Minutes
  • Udaipur  164 Km 2 Hour 48 minutes
  • Jaislamer 440 Km 6 Hour 30 Minutes

Best time to visit Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu

Here you can visit any time because here's weather is always suitable.In December here fall high cold 2 degree. So its not fair but July August is very better for visit here. You can choose real best time to visit here by origination local temples fair and festival.Thanks for visit our site.If any lines in this article are not acceptable in your community and If you wanna change some lines in this article please Contact us.
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Junagarh Fort Bikaner Rajasthan History and Guide

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Junagarh Fort Rajasthan

Junagarh Fort is very attractive fort of Rajasthan,Junagarh fort is located in Bikaner district of Rajasthan state, Maharaja Rai Singh was founder of Junagarh Fort Bikaner.Junagarh Fort Bikaner history,image,review,palaces have many attraction. In the Rajasthan state area have many forts and palaces with well condition also with brave and attractive history.All Rajasthan fort build for special and better security.

Junagarh Fort Bikaner rajasthan image,picture ,photo,wallpaper

Junagarh Fort Bikaner Rajasthan

Located Bikaner,Rajasthan
Founder Maharaja Rai Singh
Founded with Karan Chand
Build in 1589-1594 AD
Color Red
Material Red sandstones

Junagarh Fort  is located in Bikaner city of Rajasthan and its also found in Thar desert area.This was founded by Maharaja Rai Singh in 1589 to 1594 AD. when its completed its going to famous among peoples,Its founder was Maharaja Rai Singh but its all construction was completed under Karan chand. This fort build by Red sandstones also called Dulmera and inside work completed using Marble.It was capital of Bikaner city.Rao Bikaji was founder of Bikaner city in 1488 AD.He is son of Maharaja Rao Jodha who founded Jodhpur and Mehrangarh fort.

Tourism Attraction Junagarh Fort Bikaner

Junagarh Fort Bikaner rajasthan image,picture ,photo,wallpaper
There are many tourism places for best trip and traveling,Here is may famous kings harritage, Palaces,Havieli's,Temples,and many Mahal (palaces) which is Badal mahal,Phool Mahal, Anup Mahal,Chandra Mahal,Ganga Mahal and Karan Palace or Karan Mahal,here big gate called poll and holy temples. There is also a Junagarh Fort museum with well stored weapons,dresses,painting and historical things of that time Maharaja's.

Junagarh Fort museum  and Mahal Bikaner

Inside the Junagarh Fort there is a museum.It is also a tourism point for visitor.Its founded by Maharaja Dr.Karni Singh Ji in 1961.Here is famous many manuscripts in Persian and Sanskrit language.Here are many attraction of palanquins, silver, enamelware,  jewels, headgear and dresses of gods’ idols, miniature paintings,  farmams (royal orders),royal costumes,  costumes,   howdahs and war drums,portrait galleries all are well condition.Here's gold paint also very gorgeous.

Karan Mahal or Karan Palace

Karan Palace founder was Karan Singh and its founded in .1680 Its build for mark of victory on Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.Its a big and audience hall for public,Its panted with golden and red paint its so beautiful.
Phool Mahal
It name meaning is Flower Palace,  Phool Mahal is one the oldest part of this fort and was Its founder was Maharaja Rai Singh in 1571-1668 AD.Its also have many attraction
Anup Mahal
It is very special palace for administration.It was kingdom administrative headquarters on that time.It is also very attractive but its gold leaf paintings really super nothing everywhere.

Chandra Mahal Chandra Mahal (Palace) is royal luxurious palace.Its mirror and bedroom design is really awesome.
Junagarh Fort Bikaner rajasthan image,picture ,photo,wallpaper

Gate Here is many gates also known Poll.Its main gate is Karan poll,This is entry gate on that time and its very powerful because its build notice by security.but now entry gate is Suraj Poll.another poll are Karan Poll,Chand Poll,and Fateh poll.
Har Mandir(temple) main most famous temple of this fort,It was private royal temple on that time.This temple are Hindu deities Lakshmi Narayan.

How to reach Junagarh Fort Bikaner Touris

Bikaner is 5th big city of Rajasthan,Here you can visit Junagarh Fort Bikaner using any way.Junagarh Fort Bikaner you can visit by Airway, Railway Roadways and private taxi and car.
Nearest airport  of Bikaner    Bikaner airport
Nearest railways of Bikaner    Bikaner railway
Nearest roadway  of Bikaner    Bikaner roadways

For more guide give us a Smsg in Hindi or English.

Distance to Bikaner from Delhi Jodhpur Jaipur

Jaisalmer  331 km  4 Hour  32 minutes
Jodhpur    251 km  2 Hour  51 minutes
Jaipur     329 km  5 Hour  4  minutes
Delhi      446 km  4 hour  56 minutes
Best to Visit Junagarh Fort Bikaner
Here you can visit any time but According to Rajasthan climate here October to march is best time visitor and for tourism.On this time many fair and festivals are organized by Rajasthan tourism.

If any most important and special information is need this article please contact us using by on top on  "contact us'' Top menu of site.You can suggest us your India's and Rajasthan related Article" We will public your article with your name.

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